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3 Tips on How to Build and Develop Self-Confidence


It is important to understand that confidence has something to do with what we feel on our capability to undertake certain tasks, functions and roles. Therefore confidence is not “of the same type” as there are various factors that play a role here, it can be caused by low self-esteem for example; which many times is related to how we feel about our general appearance. Lack of self-confidence can also be caused by fear of something such as public speaking. The following are some of the ways on how to build self confidence:

1. Learn to prepare and plan in advance

People tend to feel less confident about potentially or new difficult situations. Perhaps the most crucial factor in building confidence is preparing and planning for the unknown. For example, when applying for a new job, you ought to prepare for the interview. Plan on what to expect during the interview and think about some of the probable questions that you may be asked. Practice the answers with colleagues or friends and get their feedback.

2. Think positively

It has been many times said that optimism is a faith that creates achievement. Nothing can be undertaken without confidence and hope. Positive thinking involves us highlighting our successes and strengths and learning from mistakes and weaknesses. We tend to dwell a lot on our past things that we were not happy with hence creating bigger issues than they ought to be. Negative thoughts can have a very traumatizing effect on our confidence and hence it is always good to recondition the way we think in life.

3. Be Assertive

Being assertive means that we stand for what we think is good and being principled. It can also mean that we can change our minds if we totally believe that it is right and not because we are being under pressured by somebody else. This helps us to develop and build our confidence every day.