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What To Do When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

man feeling worried

man feeling worried

Tony gives us some great insight per a difficult situation he was going through, and how he was able to overcome it by taking some great advice, this began to change his overall view of life in general.  

The following  experience is a great example of going through a difficult situation, and how an important lesson about where happiness starts was learned…

I was once told that happiness begins with you, but I totally disagreed with this statement. To me, I believed that happiness depended on your surroundings and the people around you such as friends and relatives.

However, gradually with time, I started changing my perception towards my happiness, but this was after I was involved in a grisly road accident.

I was admitted in the hospital for more than a month and my closest friends were tired of me to the extent of spending a day or two in my hospital bed without having any friends or relatives around me.

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