10 Truths About Love You Don’t Find In Fairy Tales

Fairy tales only show one side of love, and they always end with happily ever after. In reality, searching for true love shows the exact opposite of these fairy tales.

While falling in love seems like a great thing, fairy tales do not show the other side of love, which requires sacrifice and hardships.

Here are 10 lessons about love that are not seen in fairy tales:

1. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns

Love does not always encompass beautiful things. A normal love relationship has challenges and tribulations, this is actually what makes a relationship mature and connect on a deeper and more meaningful level.

2. Good looks are less important

Equality in relationships is not defined by good looks. The way we think also plays an important role as well as characters and beliefs.

3. Physical beauty doesn’t guarantee love

Being beautiful does not give you an assurance of everlasting love. Physical beauty is only a reflection of the “physical side” of things, there are many other attributes of the human experience that encompasses what we call “beauty.”

4. Problems are part of it

Relationship problems do not necessarily mean that love should come to an end. Problems and challenges are a very part of a relationship, and it is how we deal with these that can make or break one.

5. Communication is key

When there is misunderstanding, effort is required to resolve issues. There must be equal effort on both sides in order to remediate any issues, one sided-approaches almost always end up in a rupture of trust and interest in keeping a love relationship healthy.

6. You are not always tolerated.

Mutual commitment is important in building a solid connection. Knowing when to understand each other makes the relationship more lasting and, therefore, both parties should understand when to give up to something that does not work out. Expecting that the other person will only tolerate it in all situations will only develop resentment and eventually damage the relationship.

7. Do not get something without effort.

You might believe that individuals who are in a happy relationship are fortunate because they found the right person. The reality is that, somehow, they have been making an effort that is valued by their partners.

8. You do not really understand love merely because you feel attracted to a person.

You need to experience some sort of pain to really comprehend love. How do you understand how much a person means to you if you have never felt the discomfort of experiencing something that could harm you?

9. Love does not exist singularly.

When there is love, then there will also be hate. You will not be bothered by what your partner does or will say if you do not care. Have you experienced hating someone you loved so much? This shows how much you cared. Many times you would not hate someone you do not care much about either.

10. Living in a beautiful castle does not define love.

Have you experienced or know of some who are miserable even though they have all kinds of material stuff?

You can not define love with material possessions. Sure, money sometimes defines the kind of life you will live in this society. But it does not define love.

What defines love is the effort your partner made to make you happy. It is the idea of genuine care for the person you love. It is the idea of genuine care for the person you love. It’s called unconditional love.