Is A Complicated Relationship Worth Fighting For?

relationship in chaos

In a relationship, it always takes two to tango.

It never works if only one person is committed regardless of the type of relationship being established.

You do not have to always ignore what’s best for you at the expense of what is best for others.

Your loved ones or significant others often serve as your inspiration, helping you to face the challenges that life throws at you, but what if they become the bane of your existence?

Is the relationship worth fighting for?

If you feel as though you were a puppet on a string who simply nods along with whatever you are told just so you can please your loved one, you may need to restructure everything.

Any relationship whether romantic or platonic should involve compromising.

You will never meet halfway if you are the only one making an effort to maintain a healthy relationship.

What if the other person is already becoming an emotional and psychological parasite?

Should you continue to dive into a cesspool of unhealthy relationship even when it is slowly drowning you?

In chaotic relationships, one can be the prey and the other can be the predator.

In your case, you are clearly the prey, trying to please your predator. You set your own needs aside so you can give way to your loved one.

You fulfill your partner’s happiness and let yours take a backseat.

If this has been a vicious cycle, you need to pause for a while and weigh things over.

A good relationship should bring out the best in each other, but if one person keeps on pulling you down, it is already something else.

When your relationship has been established for years, even when it is already toxic, leaving the person may be less appealing to you as it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

You should not be afraid to give up this kind of relationship because there’s a lot of people who can show genuine compassion and interest in making the relationship work.

If you have been so consumed and focused on one person, try to broaden your horizon.

Think of your own happiness as well.

You are not held responsible for other people’s happiness. If they are dissatisfied, do not blame yourself.

When you let go of people that only give you pain, you make plenty of rooms for individuals who share the same principles in life as you do.

People come and go, but the ones who are true will choose to stay and they are the ones worth keeping.

Photo credit: Sam Caplat