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Financial Stress Part 2: Understanding Value

Being in a situation of financial stress is always challenging, but when it comes to value before we even get to the money part there is one special thing that so far in my experience and understanding trumps it all and you will see why shortly.

But there is one thing I want to say right off the bat, and that is that “money” is not the only way to achieve something or even get something tangible.

People will argue that you cannot do anything without money and although yes, in our current society it is often needed (and that is the reality for most people), though you can create your own “realities” and have the ability to manifest things in different ways once you start to tap into a higher level of consciousness, at this point you will be able to better tap into the understanding of developing and operating to your full potential.

But most of the current general perceptions for most are that you absolutely need it, so we will take that route as a way to better grasp certain concepts and be able to grow into a better understanding from thereon.

What do You Value?

Our perception of value gives that which we perceive exactly that…its value. I mentioned before the example of having a glass of gold in a scorching desert and how you would most likely value water a lot more than gold in the same amount.

In another example, something that may be worth nothing to you may be someone else’s treasure and vice-versa, as you may have heard before.

Having this concept in mind should already start to open opportunities and ideas on some of the things you can do.

I personally see everything as “energy” because I cannot think of a better word to describe it. Language is limited, and so is money in our pockets, but “energy” transcends way more than that. Everything has an energetic signature.

To keep things simple and give you a really basic example, say you are soon going to have a party of some sort, you may not have all the resources to make it happen (including money) and would like someone to sing at your party. You know you do possess a talent, you’re good at baking. You could make an energy exchange of baking goods for the person to sing at your party, essentially exchanging for someone else’s time and talent. Of course, this is not always realistic in our time because chances are that person doesn’t really need nor is interested in someone baking goods, but you get the idea.

Any deeds and actions you take will also return to you in many ways.

Being true and giving service to others will return with the same or new people giving service to you. You can think of it as a never-ending flow of energy which needs to be constant and in-flow bringing new experiences to our lives.

This is a very simple example of “energy exchange.”

This leads to what I mentioned earlier, the one special thing, the one takeaway of all this is that YOU are the value. You build things, you think, you create, you utilize your time, effort, and talents to create in our world, you create your own perceptions, assign a value to people and things, and give meaning to life.

So the lesson here is that you need to learn to value yourself because there is always something of high value in you, even when you think you have nothing to offer.

Learning to value yourself and always be in gratitude will also teach you to appreciate others’ value as well, this creates a harmonious exchange of “energy” which transcends money.

Here I am giving you and sharing this information with you in hope to give you a new perspective.

I do not expect anything from you, but the mere flow of energy I am releasing in form of thought, ideas, and time to write this will yield new experiences for me as it may potentially for those who read this.

Talk to you again soon.