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Why Kindness Is Not A Weakness

kindness is strength


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Kindness is much more than many realize

We live in a world that celebrates, prioritizes and publicizes being rich, powerful, famous, brilliant, successful and in control.

On the other hand, kindness is often perceived as a weakness and those who show it are either taken advantage of, or disrespected.

Because of this, some people intentionally refuse to be kind to others because they fear being victimized.

I’m sure you’ve come across someone who needed your assistance, but instead of you stopping by to offer a helping hand (the kind thing to do), you walked, or drove past them thinking, “I don’t know her or him.

Who knows, he or she might be a serial killer or an armed robber.” Continue reading to learn why kindness is not a weakness.

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Hopefully, these reasons will inspire you to stay true to your true self (a kind person), even if the people around you don’t appreciate your efforts.

Kindness is a manifestation of true strength, lets take a look why…

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