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When We Are Born Into This World

my world in my hands

my world in my hands

When we are born into this world, we are almost perfect.

As we grow into our first 5 years of life, our imagination has no limits and we have no worries, the world seems a great place to be in.

We see it as if we can do anything.

Then our environment and all the people that surround us start influencing our thinking and how we start seeing and perceiving the world.

Our imagination and dreams begin to fade.

Many start living a life of hardship, pain, limitation, and lack.

At this point life seems unfair and even a bad place to be in.

Here is what you have to know now.

It may be the responsibility of your environment and others during the early stages of your life…

But TODAY, it is YOUR responsibility to change it.

Photo credit: Capture Queen