When Relationship Comes To The End Of The Line

Even when you feel in your heart that parting ways is the best thing to do, one of the reasons it is so painful is because you were used to living and sharing good and bad moments with that other person.

But sometimes a relationship can be toxic and nothing good can come out of that. However, there is one good thing: What lesson did you learn?

Find the Lesson

What did you learn through this relationship? I’m a big believer that good can come out of every situation, even ones we’ve perceived as bad.

Focus on what you’ve gained in life lessons that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Some say that time heals all wounds, and although you will have a period of grief, and sadness, time does help.

Time Heals

After the initial shock has sunk in and you’ve had plenty of communication with your ex, take time to be separated from your ex partner. It’s hard to gain clarity, perspectives and independence while being reminded of them constantly.

I recommend taking a few weeks to be apart: no meeting, no emails, no phone calls. With time, you will heal.

Don’t fall into a dark hole. When you focus on the sadness, and keep dwelling on it, will only take longer to heal. There is nothing wrong with crying, it’s a way to begin to release this energy and heal.

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But it’s importan to begin to focus on positive things after this.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

Be surrounded by friends and family. Be around happy and optimistic people. Be around people you like. Be around people who can make you laugh.


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