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People Who Push Your Buttons

people who push your buttons

people who push your buttons

Recently I was thinking and came to a conclusion…

People around you and those you meet are meant to be there!

Our lives vary and we each have our own experience. But having the people we have around us is no accident.

One thing came to me, and though it may be difficult to swallow for some, I believe that all the people that surround you are there for your own evolution and learning experience. This includes the “bad” people and the “good.” Those who appear to test your patience, courage, heart, and nerves, and those who share their knowledge, love, encouragement and motivate you.

Have you noticed how some of us keep having similar bad experiences over and over?

It’s almost as if we keep going through similar experiences one after the other until we learn the lesson. Once we learn the lesson we can move on to other experiences that will teach us further. It keeps going this way until we have learned enough until one day realize that WE can actually start to create our own experiences.

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All of a sudden the game changes.

“Having experiences” is not quite the same as deliberately creating them!

Once you come to this knowing, you start to become a truly creative being capable of many wondrous things.

So learn to learn from other people without judgement and you will earn your way to becoming the creative individual you have always been but simply forgot about.

It’s not always easy, but the more you adopt this gem of knowledge you will start to experience great things

Let’s look at 2 of the types of people that we have a hard time dealing with…

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