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Overcome Depression: The Gift Of Inner Power



Are you exhausted of being depressed? And it makes you more even depressed because you can’t stop your habit of negative thinking.

Last year, I met someone and we became good friends until now. She’s pretty, smart, and fun to be with. Whenever we hang out together, we can’t stop laughing and we just talk about anything. But, behind those crazy words from her mouth, a happiest smile on her face, a glow on her eyes. She’s hiding a deep sadness in her heart. She’s a happy person outside, but suffering from depression inside.

When I looked at her, everything reflected on me because I was living in depression for a long time before.

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I was obsessed researching on how to be happy again. So, I read a lot about the issues I was fighting to overcome. Honestly, it was not easy. It took me 3 years trying to do anything from my research. I was not only reading self-help and any helpful psychological and philosophical articles; I also tried to contact a professional online and downloaded his podcast and listened on it.

In the journey of self-healing, it will make you happy for a while but you’ll be broke over and over until you feel nothing at all. It takes a lot of practice and patience. That is the key, to be patient.

Happiness starts within, stop looking outside because you can only find it inside. This is what I have found to be true.

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