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5 Most Common Lies You Might Not Want To Tell Your Children

lies we tell our children


To parents, little white lies are perceived as an instant relief to children undergoing difficulties in life. Sometimes, it’s hard for children to cope with the challenges that life unexpectedly throws at them and as parents, we come to the rescue by comforting them.

In the article, I consider number 4 as the most common lie we often tell our children. I myself am guilty of that especially when kids popped the silliest questions.

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It may seem to be an innocuous statement, but its effect  is timeless. While these lies sound harmless, it’s better to allow children to accept life’s harsh realities, rather than shelter them with these beautiful lies to mask the ugly truth.

1. “Looks don’t matter, it is what is on the inside that counts.”

This doesn’t apply in many cases. If you are dealing with humans, most times they will judge you by what they see. There are several studies to prove that what is on the outside conquers what is on the inside.

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