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If You Want To See Positive Change In The World, Start By Loving Yourself First

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Everyone who looks for love in the wrong places is bound to be very disappointed. When that parent, sibling, friend or partner who promised to be there for you no matter what, isn’t around anymore, where’s the meaning of love during that moment?

Does it mean love doesn’t exist? Of course it does. However, instead of continuing to look for it, why not claim it and then show it to others. What am I talking about? If you want to change the world for the better, start by cultivating unconditional love for yourself first.

Love everything about yourself… your mind, body, achievements, failures, imperfections etc. See yourself as worthy and deserving of love and every other good thing in life. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about being self-centered here. I am talking about loving who you really are as a person.

As you and I operate from a place of self-love, everything around us will change. Our perspective of life and everything in it will change, the choices we make we change…our entire lives will literally change.

We’ll be more caring and loving towards each other, and that will consequently have a positive effect on everything in our lives, from our relationships, work, economy, to environment. We’ll be able to experience a brighter and better world that all of us will be proud to live to our future generations – a world where brotherly love, peace and security prevail.

With a lot of negative things going around the world today, it is crucial for us as a collective to start changing this energy into something more positive. Among some great people taking action are Leslie Coutterand & Marine Billet who are working on the creation of a new documentary that will help this deeper connection and understanding of love and as a result help shift the energies.

If you would like to help  visit I Love Therefore I Am – Documentary 


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