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If You Want To See Positive Change In The World, Start By Loving Yourself First

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Searching For The Meaning Of Love

Everybody wants to be loved. Even those whose actions seem to be the exact opposite of what love is, are crying out for just that – to feel loved. Love makes the world go round. I am sure you’ve heard of that already.

It’s deep, incomprehensible and everlasting. It can move mountains, knock down walls, rise above the most difficult challenges and open doors that appear to be shut tight. It’s no wonder every person wants to experience it.

Unfortunately, today we live in a self-centered society where material possessions have become the main driving force. There’s a lot going on around the world, from hunger, massacres to global warming.

But instead of doing something to make the world better, people have become so egocentric that they would rather think about how they’ll have fun over the weekend, or how many likes and comments the photos they upload on Instagram have attracted.

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Our world is literally drowning in selfishness, violence, hatred, and other evils. Moral values have lost significance and feelings of compassion, understanding, true friendship and brotherly love are slowly being forgotten.

Yet, it’s the same people who are affected by this “lovelessness” that is slowly taking over our world. As you walk down the streets (if you’re keen enough), you’ll see that many people seem troubled, unhappy and lonely. Some even have everything that money can buy, and are surrounded by numerous people, but they’re still not happy.

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