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How Can You Think Positive When Surrounded by Negativity?


There are some who will say that it is because of the mentality one is predisposing to, and this may be correct.

But there is something even more significant than this. I think the real answer falls within many houses of thought such as scientific, mathematical, geometric, spiritual, and philosophical that bring teachings and ideas that when merged together like puzzle pieces, can give many of the answers we have been seeking for thousands of years.

Nikola Tesla for example said (according to what we know of his history) that in order to understand the universe we should think about energy, frequency, and vibration.

These may first sound as scientific words but more and more do they also have spiritual meanings when we start to learn more about them.

Many don’t realize that we humans are powerful beings capable of creating or destroying. And that through thought and emotion we can transcend believed to be impossible barriers. Our consciousness and heart have a very strong and significant connection to all life, all creations. But we have forgotten about it in our superficial and artificial lives where “cool things” supersede “natural things” where we make our natural environments adapt to us instead of us adapting to them.

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