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How A Teen With Down Syndrome Decided To Become A Model

Down syndrome model, Maddy

Determination has no barriers

If you ask anyone who has even been able to find success in their lives what has been the most important factor for their success, they will probably tell you that it has been their determination to achieve their goals. If you don’t have determination, you will always quit after you experience any of the many bumps on the road to success on what you want to achieve.

Never forget that the outcome you receive will depend heavily on the amount of determination that you are able to show when things get difficult or have their own set of challenges. Achieving those goals will never be easy, so you can definitely expect to make good use of that determination.

Here’s a great story that shows us that no matter what your challenges are, and the perceived barriers, you can always have the determination to follow your dreams.

18-year-old Madeline Stuart recently decided to become a model. Her story is making headlines and winning support because of one little difference, however – Maddy has Down syndrome.

A young girl with a genetic condition is determined to make a difference- chasing her dream of modeling to shed light on a disability she sees as a gift.

18-year-old Madeline Stuart, from Brisbane, in Queensland, has Down syndrome, and along with her mother Rosanne, is on a mission to change the way people define beauty.

For much of her life, ‘Maddy’ has struggled with weight issues due to her Down syndrome and also has a heart condition- but last year she decided to take control of her life and make changes to become fitter, healthier, and runway-ready.

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