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How A Teen With Down Syndrome Decided To Become A Model

Meet Maddy, an 18-year-old with Down syndrome who wants to be a model


“I want people to stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ when I tell them my daughter has Down syndrome, because it’s a very naive statement”


“People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations”

Maddy, Down Syndrome Model

Rosanne said that when Maddy was younger, she can remember strangers stopping her on the street to tell her that her daughter should not be out in public.

‘Her doctors told me she would never achieve anything. When she was first at school, on the sports day some of the parents didn’t want her to compete as they wanted their child’s team to win,’ she said.

‘A lot of people look at me and feel sorry for me because they see Maddy and think it is such a big job, which it can be, but I walk up the street and I actually feel sad for people who will never experience the unconditional love of someone like Maddy,’ Rosanne said.

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