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Gaining Weight After An Accident: How He Got Back On Track

weight gain after accident

weight gain after accident

After I had a massive accident where I fell 3.5 floors to concrete off a building, I was isolated in prison, I mean a Rehab Ward, also known as by its patients as prison.

I chatted to a girl often and one day we spoke of gaining weight inside the confinement. I lost a massive amount of weight initially when the accident occurred, but I started to put some of it back on quickly. I still tried my hardest to turn the physiotherapist room into a mini gym, with little weights and biking fun combined with the exercises I was recommended.

We spoke of gaining 10 or 20 kilograms (around 22-44 pounds) in this ghastly place. I say that with little acknowledgement that without the ghastly place, I would most certainly not be writing today.

The Hospital Food was so low in sugar or fat that I thought I’d be ok. I assumed I would be as normal in a while. Food was healthy and lacked the real life spices with everything nice that we were used to. Pepper was my main accompaniment.

Once I was released from prison (we had fun with that name as penitentiary has too many syllables), I went to exercise on Dad’s bike. It was setup in the backyard, made from a regular bike and a wheel holder.

weight gain after accident


The bike was needed to gain a little bit more exercise without drastic tension to my leg. I had broken my leg from the fall and I needed to use a bike for all my cardiovascular exercise, rather than running.

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