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How Constantly Complaining Affects You



I will personally admit that at one point I was one of those guys who complained a lot in the relationship. It got worse to the point where every conversation we had turned out to be an argument.

This really affected our relationship to the point that we had to take a small break from each other to reconsider whether our relationship would work. After a while, we visited a relationship expert who helped us understand what the problem of our relationship was.

We later learned that constantly complaining from any party in a relationship can lead to a break up. Below are some points that will give you a clue on how constantly complaining affects you:

1. It becomes a habit Complaining is addictive. After some time you will find yourself complaining to almost anything. You will find yourself complaining to your workers, at home and even to friends.

At this stage, the complaining has already affected every daily activity you do and the next step should be to seek help from a specialist.

2. People start to avoid you. With time, due to your constant complaints, you will notice most of the people around you will stop listening to what you have to say. If it’s in a relationship, your spouse will all of a sudden find new means to avoid having a normal conversation with you as the conversation might take a wrong turn and become an argument.

This is another clear sign how your constant complains can turn even the closest of family members to avoid you.

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