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How Constantly Complaining Affects You


3. It’s exhausting. The point is self explanatory. No one wants to hang with a person who constantly complains about anything that can be solved without the use of harsh words.

Even a constant complainer will not be happy to sit in the same table with another constant complainer.

4. Turns any individual into a negative person. Complaining everyday turned me into a negative person. I will have to admit that I did not realize this till the people around me started complaining of how I hated everything.

The complaining will make you lose sight of all the important things like family. At one point, the complaining made me despise my pet as I thought it needed a lot of attention. This is how bad it can get if you decide not to seek help.

5. Lastly, it’s tiresome. Complaining can be very tiresome both physically and mentally. Take it from me, constantly complaining at the end of the day left me with less energy and made it hard for me to even deal with the little things like playing with my kids and taking care of my wife.

Photo credit: Nick Allen