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Giving Without Expecting Something In Return


All of us want to be accepted and loved. There are various ways we show our love to others such as giving them our token of friendship. Aside from sharing material things, we also share ourselves with others. This is when we realize that there is a sense of fulfillment in giving something without expecting something to return the favor.

When you give freely without expectations, you feel a sense of satisfaction. When you give a gift without thinking about the price tag, you will know that you have the purest of intentions to make other people happy. By giving freely and removing expectations, you also prevent heartache and you know that your gift does not go unappreciated.

You can touch the lives of others when you give wholeheartedly. You are also cultivating a more positive relationship with your loved ones this way.

If you share the gift of you, remember it is a gift so give it freely. In all the ways you give yourself to the world, be it your time, money, love, caring, joys, aches and pains – everything, give it freely. Remember you are under no obligation to give, if you cannot give with an open and free heart, rather do not give at all.

Remove expectation from the equation, it only creates aggravation and heartache. Yes, your gift may go unappreciated, people may abuse it, you may get hurt, but none of this is your responsibility. Once ownership has transferred, you no longer own it. By choosing to give, you have handed over ownership of a small piece of you to another; they are now accountable and responsible for what they do with it.

The next time you give of yourself to the world be sure of your intention. Are you giving freely, are you handing over ownership. If not, do not give.

The choice is yours; remember you are under no obligation.


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