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3 Things That Tell You It May Be Time For A New Job

There are many people these days that are simply not happy with their jobs, you can sometimes tell which by the way they tend to act, being rude,unexcited about what they do, or simply don’t care. 

Some years ago I used to hate a job I had working for a local store, I dragged myself every single day and looked at the clock every 5 minutes which appeared to be an eternity.

There are many reasons why we may be unhappy about a job but these are some of the signs. 

Here are five signs it might be time for a new job:

Your boss is abusive:
If you’re wondering if your boss is abusive, that’s likely a sign he or she is. If your boss is abusive (verbally, mentally, physically or sexually) I wouldn’t count on it changing. By all means, address the issue with your boss and HR. However, the truth is companies aren’t very good at dealing with abusive bosses (or even abusive employees).

Research tells us 75% of employees state their biggest work stress is tied to their supervisor or boss. If that’s true for you because your boss is abusive, you need to resist the temptation of trying to “tough it out.” Even if you could, why would you subject yourself to that? Having an abusive boss is a clear sign you either need to find a way to end the abuse or leave.

Your boss doesn’t care about your success:

If you’re doing great work but your boss doesn’t appreciate it, that’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. Your work ethic and performance might be stellar—but that doesn’t matter if your boss doesn’t value it. A boss that doesn’t care about helping your career advance sure isn’t going to be singing your praises to those who determine your raises and promotions.

Before you decide to leave, set a time period (say three months) to improve your relationship with your boss and give it all you have. This isn’t fair, but if you don’t do your best to improve your relationship with your boss, you’re not being fair to yourself. With that said, if your boss doesn’t demonstrate a new-found concern for your success and well-being, it’s time to leave.

Your company is driving you down the road to burnout:

It’s one thing to work sixty-five plus hours month after month if you love what you do and you’re paid accordingly. One of my clients was working seventy hours a week and there was no clear end to that dark tunnel. He loved what he did, but it was burning him out after seven months and he left for an equally great opportunity that didn’t consume his life. More and more employees report working far too much to the detriment of their health and family. If that’s you, perhaps it’s a sign it’s time to get your life back. 

Source: 5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

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