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Energy Goes Where Attention Goes Works Like Magic. Here’s an Exercise to Demonstrate it.


Watch the video below and follow the instructions given:

As you can see, what we give our most focused attention will allow for other things to blur or fade out temporarily. We can use this to our benefit. This is why I have said many times before, what you place your focus on, energy will be passed through to it more. If you focus on negative things, you take out many of the positive out of existence. As you keep doing this it becomes “natural” that the things you place your attention to simply become more prominent as part of your “reality.” But if you put more attention and focus to the positive, then you will “magically see” and experience more of that.

The question now for you is: What things deserve more of my attention and focus? What things are more productive and which are the things that don’t help my progress in creating a better experience in life?

Remember to pass this on to friends and family. It will be interesting to see what their reaction and results is, and at the same time they are reminded of this special

Photo source: Erich Ferdinand