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Do You Know Your Energy Vibration?

what is your current energy vibration

Do you believe that colors have a way of vibrating different levels of frequency? It has a lot to say about the state of our mind, soul and body. In fact vibrations can help you determine how at peace you are with yourself.

There are various candle colors for you to choose from. The color you choose or are attracted to is an indicator of the frequency you are vibrating on. The color of your choice has a corresponding meaning, which can be found on the original article.

It is also possible to be attracted to two or more colors. Knowing your energy vibration can help you become more self-aware.

You will also know how you can be at peace with yourself. The interpretation of your choices may be accurate with your present situation and some are partly true.

Simply relax and don’t think too much about it. When you look at the following image, which of these candle colors are you intuitively attracted to the most?

candle colors determine your vibration

Here are the first 3 to get you started if you got any of these…


Karina Says: The colour of the moon, this white candle reflects lunar energy. It means your soul is vibrating on a high level, it has a purity and sense of purpose. You came into this life to do something significant, and you have been granted spiritual gifts to empower your progress. Your intuition is advanced, to the point of being highly psychic (mediumship even). You instinctively know when your behaviour is not worthy of you – that is because you are an advanced soul whose job it is to lead by example. Others will follow you when you accept you are meant to lead – you are supposed to be the driving force that makes things happen (at work or in the community). But first you must ignite the lunar energy within you, if you struggle to do so, meditate at night to make your connection (just for 5 minutes, close your eyes and visualise a white light and hold that thought). Traditionally in Wicca (witchcraft), lunar energy is used to put some serious power behind spells, so you have a powerful Light within.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also trying to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Purple is the colour of Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. By choosing this candle your vibration is rising to a positive frequency, and in so doing will attract luck and abundance. People will start to enter your life and talk to you of new possibilities, you must listen and act on their words, they are sent in guidance. The frequency you are entering will make you more aware of injustices in the world – you may feel angry when you see others being treated unfairly, and you will feel the need to act in some way. Justice, generosity and spirituality are the key messages with this frequency. The more you vibrate purple, the more you will spend time righting wrongs (no matter how small). You are acting out your purpose in doing so (and in response for your selfless acts the Universe responds with abundance).
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Red is the colour of passion and courage. By choosing this candle you are preparing either for love or war … your spirit is vibrating and waiting for action and advancement. Sometimes in life we must be brave to push forward with life, to stretch ourselves for spiritual growth. This is one of those moments my dear friend! Some of you need to do battle, to be brave and let go of what (or who) no longer works for you. This will leave space, a sort of cosmic vacuum which the Universe will fill with new opportunities. Others of you are ready for love. For some that means embracing a future with a new partner, it may also mean welcoming a new love into your life – a child, an animal or even a new job, study or hobby. The key is passion, to feel inspired and alive by the love you feel for someone or something. In Wicca, red candles are used to attract true love (be that a person or area of passion). A life without passion is a life half-lived.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).

What did you get? How accurate was it to your current life path?

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