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Do You Know Your Energy Vibration?

what is your current energy vibration

Do you believe that colors have a way of vibrating different levels of frequency? It has a lot to say about the state of our mind, soul and body. In fact vibrations can help you determine how at peace you are with yourself.

There are various candle colors for you to choose from. The color you choose or are attracted to is an indicator of the frequency you are vibrating on. The color of your choice has a corresponding meaning, which can be found on the original article.

It is also possible to be attracted to two or more colors. Knowing your energy vibration can help you become more self-aware.

You will also know how you can be at peace with yourself. The interpretation of your choices may be accurate with your present situation and some are partly true.

Simply relax and don’t think too much about it. When you look at the following image, which of these candle colors are you intuitively attracted to the most?

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candle colors determine your vibration

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