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Your Birthstone Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

The origins of birthstones date back to the earliest days of Abrahamic religion, specifically the Book of Exodus. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers standardized the list of birthstones to the ones seen below.

Birthstones are a special gemstone associated with the month that an individual was born in. While some of you might not know what your birthstone is, your birthstone can reveal a lot about your personality.

What do your stone say about you? Read on to find out…

Garnet (January)


People who have garnet as their birthstone are very “motherly.” Not only are they calculating and analytical, but they are also compassionate and loving.

They are always there to support you when you need it. You might consider them to be the “mom” of a group.

Amethyst (February)


Amethyst birthstones have a calm and mellow personality. These people tend to be very spiritual, and they like to “preserve peace” as much as possible. You might consider them to be non-confrontational.

They also like to think of the big picture. They live in their own world at times and can come off as flaky, but trust that they are looking at the world on a grander level.

Aquamarine (March)


A person with aquamarine as their birthstone is purifying. They are people who are healthy, youthful, and loving. Often times, they can wash things clean much like the ocean, which is commonly associated with the color of the birthstone.

This person is also very good at communicating thoughts and feelings. More importantly, they are honest!

Diamond (April)


Diamonds are known to symbolize love because they are so hard to damage. These individuals are resilient. They refuse to give up and will pick themselves back up from any failure.

But this also makes them stubborn as they stick behind their beliefs and opinions.

Emerald (May)


These people are known to be the “glue” to a group. They are unifiers who can bring people of various personalities together. That’s because those with emerald birthstones love unconditionally and are very compassionate. They are also very faithful and loyal!

Pearl (June)


Those born with pearl as their birthstone are unique people. Pearls are treasured jewels, and historically, they are associated with innocence and mythical powers.

These people are in tune with nature. They might be naive, but they are modest and stable. They also have a special relationship with animals.

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