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Your Birthstone Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

Birthstones represent each one of the given months of a year. Each stone has its own meaning, such as luck or good health. It is common to see these stones in jewelry according to the month of birth of each person.

But do you really know what they mean and what they have to say about your personality? We will get to know some of the meanings behind each one.

What does your stone say about you?

Read on to find out…

January – Garnet

birthstone January garnet

Garnet is a dark red gemstone that symbolizes friendship and eternal loyalty. Therefore, giving a gem of these to a good friend would be the perfect gift. If you were born in January, you are not only a faithful and loyal friend, it also means that you are a hardworking and dedicated person in what you do. You are also someone who wants to has a high interest in acquiring knowledge.

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February – Amethyst

birthstone february amethyst

In the past, it was believed that the dark purple birthstone had certain powers against the gods. It means that those born in February are bold individuals who know how to devise a plan well and execute it. In addition, they are very willing. It is said that this stone keeps people vigilant and, at the same time, carefree and confident, so those born in this month are considered ingenious.

March – Aquamarine

birthstone march aquamarine

It is said that this stone protected sailors who took long trips at sea. It has a relaxing effect, so people born in March are lovers of peace and fans of tranquility. They are honest people and can be very good friends.

April – Diamond

birthstone april diamond

Of the most valuable stones in the world, it is said that it loses its value if it is not given in love. This beautiful stone symbolizes eternal love and strength. People born this month are born fighters, who don’t let themselves be defeated and love being the center of attention. They are brave people and do not fear challenges that test their skills.

May – Emerald

birthstone may emerald

Emeralds were considered a sign of good fortune and great youth. People with this birthstone are creative, determined, and lovers of adrenaline and decision. They do not like to be very still and are very aware of how people can feel, so they are empathetic and very sensitive.

June – Pearl

birthstone june pearl

They are the hardest gems to find. Those born with this birthstone are very strange people. They have a carefree attitude and are happy. But they have to be careful because they trust people and are easily injured. They also have a very resistant soul. They always get up again.

July – Ruby

birthstone july ruby

These are the queens of the precious stones and symbolize fun and recklessness. So people born in July love good parties, good situations that make them laugh and feel good, and adventures. They are born leaders because they are able to maintain a calm environment in difficult situations.

August – Peridot

birthstone august peridot

These gems were called the gems of the sun and were considered objects of protest and envious thoughts, it was used as an amulet against evil spirits. Those born in August are full of humor, love to have fun, and shine like the sun. They are people who help change others’ spirits for good. They are very optimistic and, at the same time, very rational.

September – Sapphire

birthstone september sapphire

This blue stone symbolizes loyalty and commitment. People born in September have high expectations of themselves and others. They are very hardworking, and therefore they demand more than anyone. They are dedicated and very creative.

October – Opal

birthstone october opal

It is a multicolored stone that symbolizes holistic and very complete personalities. People born with this birthstone can survive in the hustle and bustle of a noisy party, but they are also people who need calm and peace. They are of strong will and always work hard for their goals.

November – Citrine

birthstone november citrine

This is the stone of intelligent and independent people who don’t need anyone to feel motivated. On the contrary, these people inspire and motivate others. Although they are sensitive and humble, they love to listen to praise and respect that other people have.

December – Blue Topaz

birthstone december blue topaz

Certain stories associate zircons with disease healing and injury prevention. Those born in December can raise the spirit of others. They love to laugh, have a lot of energy, and are always ready for new adventures. If you are looking for a travel companion, someone born in December is the ideal.


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