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3 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Let’s begin with a simple question. Why would you want to raise your vibrational frequency? What exactly does it mean to have a higher vibrational frequency?

Everyone raises their consciousness and spirit energy; the only difference is some do it at a slower pace, some at a faster pace. Eventually, we are all in existence for the same general reason: To experience life, learn, and grow. To experience self-expression without the knowledge of who or what we are.

From there on, everyone has individual missions and purpose for the growth of their consciousness and spirit.

With the understanding that we are all energetic beings, having a higher vibrational frequency means that we are at an expanded state of consciousness that is able to perceive more of everything in all senses.

Think of it as if your body was an antenna with an enhanced level of reception that is able to pick up more channels.

Having a higher vibration gives us a higher state of being and understanding of everything we perceive and experience. This leads to a higher quality of life. It gives us a sense of peace, serenity, joy, and happiness, which are always a state of being that is experienced when we are at a high state of vibration. 

3 of the most powerful ways to raise your frequency

There are many ways to raise your vibration, but I think the following are some of the most important and are actually easy and practical as well.


The music you choose to listen to is one of the best and easy ways to raise your vibrational frequency. However, there is one caveat: Music can also lower your vibrational frequency and even contribute to making you get stuck at a lower state of being unable to move up or forward. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say Martha’s husband just decided to leave her, even though Martha loved her husband so much. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel the same way towards her.

Martha has fallen in a deep state of sadness and heartbreak. Her pain is deep. As a way to cope with it, she decides to listen to music that talks about heartbreak and how horrible men are for hurting women like that. She continues to listen to this type of music because she can identify with it.

She also meets other women who are going through the same thing; they even listen to the same type of music. They all keep feeding themselves with the same low energy towards each other. It becomes a vicious cycle that can keep Martha with the belief that all men are bad for the rest of her life.

You can even see more samples of this in real life for yourself. Just look around. Take a look at a person who listens to heavy metal or hard rap, for example. The chances are that this person associates with a group of people who also listen to this kind of music. Well, this is because they are vibrating at a similar frequency. If one of these people all of a sudden listens to classical or piano relaxing music, they will likely be annoyed as heck by it. 

This is simply because they are vibrating at a different frequency, so they are not compatible with that other music. You see this all around. People who have a similar vibration or think alike hang out with each other in their groups. You remember high school and all the different groups, don’t you?

However, if a heavy metal person starts listening to classical more and more, for example, they will gradually start to get acclimated to it, and eventually, they will start to like it as well as their vibration is adjusted to it.

Now, here’s a powerful tip: There are good chances to know what kind of a person someone is by the type of music they always listen to. It gives you a general picture of the level of vibration they’re currently in.

When you listen to more inspiring and motivating music, your vibration will go higher to match it. Your actions will also vibrate at a similar frequency.

So I would recommend listening to inspiring music more often instead. You can visit the How To Think Positive YouTube channel, where I started putting inspiring music that not only helps you relax and feel a sense of calm and peace. But it will also help raise your level of vibration.

Connecting with the energy of the earth and the universe

We currently live in a chaotic type of life where everyone is running around, many drivers going through road rage, people competing to see who rips each other off first, and who becomes more powerful, higher status, and gets the best stuff to show off. People just don’t seem to have time for relaxation anymore. 

In fact, the current system is one of the worst enemies of raising our vibration because it makes it very difficult for us to connect with this energy. Ignorance is also one of the reasons we are unable to connect with it. 

This is because we are unable to see who we are and that we are also in a process of collective evolution that yearns for us to connect with the earth and universe naturally. After all, we are all part of it, yet we behave like we are separate from it.

One of the best ways to connect with the earth is by way of meditation. Some people meditate by sitting down, use singing bowls, lay down, or even through a peaceful walk. Even better, if you can meditate close to a stream of water, a tree, feeling the wind and sunlight even better. If not, even meditating at home is still a great way to connect with this energy. 

Just breathe and feel your connection with every natural thing on earth. Feel as if you are connected with every river, rock, tree, plant, the sea, and all the living things on it. Feel its harmony and love. Feel the energy of creation that our earth emanates. The same thing with the universe, feel its energy of everything being part of it as you are, it’s vastness. As if you were the universe itself. You are, after all.

Being in the present

Being in the here and now. What does this mean? Well, with all the millions of distractions nowadays like TV, cell phones, computers, etc., We can immerse ourselves without having a sense of time and perception of reality.

By the time you realize, you’ve pretty much wasted your whole day, and what did you get out of it? Probably not much.

When we keep operating in this hectic state, we tend to run on autopilot or kind of like robots.

Don’t make this mistake. By the time you realize you were in it, you’ll have a lot of moments lost with your son, daughter, wife, parents, grandma, grandpa, or friends. The people that matter.

So take some time to disconnect from the robotic state because years may go by when you realize you have nothing much to show for it.

Our mind can get so occupied by these mundane activities so much that time appears to go by faster, growing more frustrated, feeling that there is not enough time for everything.

A good indication that you may be stuck not being in the present is if you get distracted very easily.

Practice taking a break, disconnecting for a while. Become aware of your surroundings and of the people around you. Be there to listen and interact with loved ones. Be present.

This will help you raise your vibration in many ways.

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