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What Does “Think Positive” Really Mean?

positive thinking definition?

You don’t have to believe nor disbelieve anything I say here, just as you should treat anything you hear, read, or see out there…

But do keep an open mind. We all have many questions but the answers can be interpreted in different ways.

Pay close attention especially if something resonates with you, then you know there is something special about it that creates a connection within you.

I’m happy to share my understanding and perspective, here’s a Question and Answer from one of our readers, hope it gives some insight to those who read it :

Question: What does “think positive” mean?


In reality, “think positive” means whatever you want it to mean. Yup, that’s it. Well let’s dig in a little deeper…

Just as “think negative” could mean whatever you want it to mean as well. People have different levels of understanding and levels of perception and therefore the meaning of things can change.

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By the majority of the global consciousness the definition of “think positive” means thinking in a level of frequency in harmony with that which produces good feelings, thoughts, and good emotions.

In the society in which we live in it seems that for many years we have lived on a frequency dominated of thought that is associated with negative thinking, or what most perceive as bad things, bad actions, bad feelings, and bad emotions.quote on positive and negative meaning to neutrality

In simpler words the premise of “think positive” in the context of this page is to promote positive thinking, upliftment, inspiration, and empowerment to help the global consciousness to align with higher frequencies of thought. When you begin to understand that pretty much everything is of some type of “energy” at the core level, you begin to understand that you can take charge of how you direct this energy in your life to improve it at whatever level you wish, and you also contribute to the global state of consciousness whether that is of a more positive or negative kind.

Thinking positive means aligning yourself MORE with a higher frequency of thought that produces good feelings, actions, and emotions.

So if you wish to live a more fruitful and joyful life, then you align yourself with things and thoughts that produce good feelings and emotions such as joy, laughter, excitement, kindness, compassion, inspiration, motivation, and love towards all things.

I have put together a way to help you learn more about positive thinking. But even go beyond, diving into a deeper understanding of who you are, what you are capable of and how you can use this knowledge to empower yourself to change your perception of life in general: Self-Empowerment Awakening.

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