Adults Can Be Bullies Too

sad and bullied

sad and bullied

Adults are just as capable of bullying as any young child or teenager.

Indirect bullying is when they attempt to socially isolate the victim with gossip, criticizing them, name calling, silent treatment, manipulation, lies and false rumors. Making people feel inferior and saying certain words to trigger a reaction.

Putting people down constantly and picking at their faults. Just remember that the intimidation treatment is not your fault.

You even may be starting to blame yourself for how this person has reacted towards you. However this is NOT true!

EVERYONE is responsible for how they choose to treat others. Bullies feed off negative emotions, because deep down in some way they may feel inferior and Insecure. Its only by making others feel bad that they can raise their self-esteem and make them feel good.

Envy…..sometimes those people may be the loudest but you have to block them out as its nothing but jealousy.

Negative comments from others are their own fears or insecurity being projected onto you. It took me a long time to learn this…

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