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A Huge Positive Thinking Mistake You’re Probably Making


3. You can handle this

Throughout life, most of us have conquered similar “negativeemotions.

Shift your focus to a time when you have successfully done so and it can change your current attitude completely.

4. Make a change

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Start your change by tracing back the feeling to where it came from. You need understand what caused it and then act accordingly.

For example, if you are overwhelmed it is most likely because of trying to deal with too many things at once.

The solution would be writing down what you need to accomplish. Then proceed to prioritize them and work on them one by one. Focus on finishing one small task instead of focusing on a mountain of tasks to complete.

The most important take-away is that every single emotion has a purpose.

Their purpose is to help you live happily. They do this by telling you when something is good or when something needs a modification.

Take control of your emotions and control your life.

by Michael Costanzo