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A Huge Positive Thinking Mistake You’re Probably Making



What makes an emotion good?

Is it just something that makes us feel good or can it be something that guides us?

I believe they can be both.

Can anger, frustration, guilt, fear, hurt or disappointment ever be considered a positive emotion?

Well, if you agree with what I just stated above, then yes.

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This is a common mistake and misconception regarding positive thinking. Many of us fail to recognize that every single emotion we feel has a purpose.

The purpose of positive emotions is to keep doing whatever you’re doing because it’s making you feel good.

The purpose of any “negative” emotion is that a change needs to be made because something is not working. We often neglect “negative” emotions and try to avoid them at any cost. However, in the long run, avoiding pain can actually lead to more pain.

Our emotions are vital to our well-being. In order to ensure a quality life, we must be able to control our emotions.

Here are 4 steps to help do that…

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