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Why You Are Not Happy With Your Life

not happy with my life2. You Are Not Choosing To Take Action

The choice is always there – you can take action or not. If you choose not to take action, then you don’t get the life that you want. And when you don’t get the life that you want, you feel a void and an unhappiness.

The regret of not going after what you want is enough to make anyone unhappy. If you have a choice that is scary, but could result in something good, and you choose not to take it, then you will always wonder ‘what if’. It’s hard to be happy when you live in that state of mind.

In addition, when you don’t take action, you don’t get to live out your passion. Instead, you sit back and let life happen to you, and the things that happen can be downright depressing!

For instance, if you want to become a doctor, but you don’t go to school, then you will not become a doctor. Instead, you will get into a job that will take you for the knowledge you have and, possibly, get stuck in it because you are too afraid to take action on doing something else.

In the end, loving others and the world around you, self-love and self-respect, and taking action on the life you want is essential to your overall happiness. If you are asking yourself ‘Why am I not happy with my life?’ then it is important to take a look at improving those things.


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