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5 Reasons Some People Cannot Afford The Luxury Of Time

time management

time management

Some people are naturally good at time-management while others seem to struggle with squeezing everything into their schedule.  In this modern day and age, every second and every minute are precious. For a busy person, it can be difficult to fulfill both work and family obligations because time gets in the way. It’s either you choose your career over family or vice versa.

Given the equal workload, why is it that some people still manage to fit everything in their schedule without sacrificing any of it? If you don’t have time for everything including taking a much needed R&R, you may need to check your time management skills or look at these several factors that affect your ability to manage your own time.

1. You say “yes” to everyone.

Fulfilling your obligations is commendable, but biting off more than you can chew is a different story. Saying ‘no’ does not necessarily mean turning all people down. It is just about setting your goals and knowing your priorities.

2. You have no to-do list.

A to-do list will give you a run down of your activities for the day. With this, you can estimate the time you will spend on a specific task and you can also plan ahead in case something did not turn as planned.

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