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How to Deal With a Dark Past In Order to Enjoy the Present

dealing with a dark past

dealing with a dark past

Everybody has a story with a past, present and future. We were all created to conquer problems but unfortunately many people are held hostage by their past. Some people have nasty, traumatizing stories that are vivid reminders of their weaknesses.

Women have been raped making them unable to fall in love again and children abused leading them to lose trust in society. Crimes of the past should not take control of your life as you have the strength to rise above it all.

Tales have been spun of great warriors who stood in the face of grave dangers only to emerge victorious due to courage. This inner strength in the face of a dark past, tumultuous relationship or abusive relationship is what victims need to break the chains of the past.

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We all need to muster courage to speak our minds and wisely deal with our pasts.

Victims of child abuse can become champions of change through forums that fight the vice. A rape victim could share their experience and help others deal with their emotions knowing that they are not alone.

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