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Why I don’t Worry So Much Anymore And How You Can Start Doing The Same

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A More Profound Way to See the Feeling of Being Worried and Your Reality

Worry is part of our wide range of emotions. I see emotions as our natural “mechanism” to tell us something is right or not right within, but here’s the thing…

Our body reacts to, and alerts us to negative emotions as to bring our consciousness’ attention to them.

What we are doing wrong and still learning is to realize that WE can change our emotions! Being conscious about something is not necessarily the same as “thinking” about it, consciousness is more like a mixture of feeling, being, and awareness. Simply being aware of existence, especially of oneself.

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To begin to change our lives we can start with one of the most beat-up part of us when we worry…Our mind. Because the mind is constantly programmable and re-programmable It is simply a storage device, much like a computer’s hard drive.

The brain also processes information BUT it is in the HEART that the real direction comes from, hence why our emotions are so important, not only to the development of beliefs but to the well-being of our mind, body, and spirit.

This is because emotions are strongly AND directly connected to the heart.

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