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Why I don’t Worry So Much Anymore And How You Can Start Doing The Same

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The heart is the center of balance

Do you think that the heart is coincidentally located in the center of the body? If you think about it, it is THE point of BALANCE in left/right symmetry on the body which is also said to be controlled by left and right brain hemispheres.

It is also more than a symbolic coincidence that our world gets dis-balanced, just like us! For many, many years there seemed to exist more greed, wars, harm, hunger, difficulty, sickness, and all those bad things that cause us pain, and less of the good things such as joy, prosperity, inspiration, love, happiness,  and spiritual growth–Though I strongly believe we are at a turning point as we speak. This is because our world ran and was dominated mostly from the head! The ego mind, the analytic and logical mind, the insensitive mind.

Worry is then, also tied to a dis-balance within our own being. To vanish worry we must first work on creating balance in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Start by making your ego-mind your friend, your servant, not the one that drives all the decisions for you. Again, as I mentioned earlier, start by re-programming your mind with positive things because from there you will begin to balance your heart and from that point…Everything else.

Take a good look at your current beliefs, because there are negative beliefs, positive beliefs and beliefs that do nothing, neither good or bad but can halt your progress in every way, it is from these neutral beliefs that you can go either backwards or forward, it is up to you. It is also very important to mention that you can change your beliefs at any time.

So don’t get too attached as you may find hurt when the beliefs you are attached to are challenged sooner or later. Use beliefs to your advantage and growth.

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