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Where Happiness Really Starts

Happiness is an inside job

Since the day we were born.. we are love in its purest form. When we stop the validation of others and when we start to look inside ourselves.. We will be happy when we choose to. We will be happy when we decide to be happy.

When you start to open your mind and be aware in everything, you’ll understand that everything is optional. If you allow yourself to feel pain and suffering in your life, you will suffer. Always remember that even pain and suffering is optional. Never allow others to have a power over you.

Love is about sharing. Love can be given from our family and friends, from the strangers we will meet. We keep learning from them. Loving them back can lead us to happiness.

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Happiness is always a choice. You will find happiness if you allow yourself to be happy from within and through sharing them out.

I will say it again for the last time that..


By Gladys Saludez Batenga
Choki Art & Inspiration