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When Nobody Understands Me


I try to think for a moment what I did wrong to get to this situation, but only a moment, just long enough not to repeat it again. Then I forgive myself, I feel I cannot go on but I forgive. I did the best I knew, now is the time to look forward.

If I look back later to see what it is that fills me with pride, what I like most about myself is my successes. I do not waste too much time just to motivate but to gain momentum too.

I Say to myself “if one day I could do it, now I can also” that will serve as a reference and immediately put to work followed. Caring is what I do before I take a moment, all other concerns abound.

The pain does not last forever, I can take a time-out and get to work on rebuilding my life. Yes, this time I’m looking for great life and fighting to get it because I deserve it, because I might have suffered enough with nobody understanding me and having gone through my shoes.

I have learned that In life, gathering happiness is the core thing that everybody needs. From this point on, I will take responsibility and be in charge of my own happiness!

Photo source: Mark Roy