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When Having Trouble Sleeping: Things You Can Do To Help It


2. Schedule Worry Time

This has probably been the most helpful piece of sleep-related advice I ever received. Since my issues stem from an over-active mind, often related to stress, taking the time to allow my thoughts to run their course has proven incredibly effective.

For many people, the moment your head hits the pillow is the moment your brain chooses to start processing the events of the day and planning those of tomorrow. Rather than lying awake in bed fighting this natural urge and agonizing over the fact of being awake, give your mind the time it needs by scheduling some time before you’re ready for sleep. I call this my quiet time or my worry time.

I find a quiet, dark corner, cuddle up with a blanket and some herbal tea, and just let my brain do it’s thing. WHY did I say that stupid thing earlier today? What will I wear tomorrow? Have I forgotten to email or call anyone?

Do I have any important meetings or discussions tomorrow, and do I feel prepared? The dialogue will be different for everyone, but these are the common things that run through my head before bed.

By the time I have sat there quietly for 20 minutes, my tea is finished and my head is starting to droop.

It’s tempting to check your email one last time before going to bed, or scroll through your Facebook feed, but these activities are incredibly stimulating to our brains.

I know for a fact that once I’ve reached out for my phone and peeked at my email in the morning, that’s it – I’m awake.

I agree that being too attached with social media can take its toll on your sleep patterns.

Even when I’m tempted to check out my Facebook account before I hit the sack, I’ve also learned to control the urge.

Are you also struggling with falling asleep?

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