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When Having Trouble Sleeping: Things You Can Do To Help It

having trouble sleeping


To people who have been long-time insomnia sufferers, a good night’s sleep is elusive. When you could not sleep a wink, it seems easy to pop a sleeping pills until your eyelids get heavy and you fall into oblivion of sleep.

With the rippling effects that too many sleepless night brings, nobody can refuse Mr. Sandman in a bottle.

However, putting yourself to sleep does not always require medications.  According to blogger, Samantha Keene, you can employ natural techniques to fall asleep.

1. Turn Off Technology, Especially Social Media, At Least 1 Hour Before Bed

This one can be tricky for many people. It’s tempting to check your email one last time before going to bed, or scroll through your Facebook feed, but these activities are incredibly stimulating to our brains.

I know for a fact that once I’ve reached out for my phone and peeked at my email in the morning, that’s it – I’m awake.

They can also be sources of stress. How on earth are you supposed to let your mind quiet down if you’ve just received an email about a big deadline at work, or if you’ve just gotten a bunch of “likes” on your Instagram account?

Negative and positive stress will both prevent you from sleeping with equal efficacy.

Studies have also shown that the blue light emitted from computer, cell phone, and tablet screens trick the brain into thinking it’s morning, thereby effectively disrupting your internal clock and keeping you from falling asleep.

You can read more about that here.

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