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The Secret of Motivation

bird in flight motion

bird in flight motion

More often than not, people use motivation to get started. Without it, the task seems daunting and very difficult to accomplish.

What exactly is motivation and why is it so important to get each task done satisfactorily from start to finish?

Motivation is a habit of action, a tendency to move. It’s created by taking action, any action, and it’s strengthened by taking that action repeatedly. And, like inertia, motivation sustains itself: the stronger it becomes, the more we act.

Is motivation all you need to reach your objective?

We need to train ourselves to get over that initial hump. To start moving. We need to love the challenges of trying something new; to embrace the uncertainty that comes with venturing into the unknown; to thrive in the space of action.

Moving/motion/action takes precedence over searching for motivation.

When you start moving, motivation enables you to finish and even win the race.

Source: Reddit

Photo credit: Vladimir Agafonkin