What To Do When Others Take Advantage Of Your Kindness

feeling sad

feeling sad

It feels good when you do something right for other people, but unfortunately, some of them are going to take advantage of your kindness especially when they know you will not do something about their unfair treatment.

However, everything has a limitation. It isn’t all the time that people get away with everything. When your kindness is being taken advantage of, you need to know where to draw the line.

How to steer clear of people who take advantage of your kindness?

1. Don’t let the situation steal your integrity.

Getting into a situation wherein the person  has obviously taken advantage of your kindness may lead you to give up your integrity. However, this will not improve the situation. In fact, it will only bring out the worst in you. Just because an individual chooses to act without integrity does not mean you should do the same thing. You can still assert yourself without necessarily giving up your integrity.

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