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This Tiny House Looked Like An Ordinary Home…Until I Saw What Was Inside!

Have you seen the Tiny House Movement on Social Media recently? There are actually many people out there who are a bit tired of the current way of life with so much stress, a lot of it relating to finances and paying expensive bills and high rents and house payments.

Well these here are some pretty amazing tiny homes that look way better than I thought they would, they are small and sustainable homes and include lots of what a regular home would have at a fraction of the cost.

Check out some of the pictures and see for yourself. These homes are really cool and will satisfy the needs of someone wanting to live a simpler life without the extreme expenses. What do you think?

Some are actually as high as 19ft



Typical widths range between 14-24 feet, priced at around $200-320 per linear foot.




Whatever it costs to build the tiny home is already included in the price.



These homes are built to last as they all have a 40-year warranty.


To learn more check out Arched Cabins!

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