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The Hidden Knowledge To Understand The Law Of Attraction

hidden knowledge to understand the law of attraction

hidden knowledge to understand the law of attraction

One of the primary things that affects our life directly is due to our perception.

Our perception can be seen as the combination of beliefs, habits, and actions. When we create an unproductive or even negative overall perception, we essentially create the type of reality that is harmonious with it.

When we start to take a closer look at our current beliefs, we start to reassess why we believe in what we believe. The sad thing is that most people don’t know why because they never take the action to seek the knowledge to understand how their thoughts and beliefs originated from or never questioned it.

Often times we simply believe in what we were told because that is what “everyone believed,” or because it came from “credible” sources. We also inherit beliefs from our parents, teachers, and other influential people. But their own beliefs are also inherited from their own going down the chain, and well… you get the picture.

So until you break this cycle and start to take responsibility for yourself, will you start to gain the awareness that you can change your own perception, and even start to create your own reality.

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One of the reasons we are stuck especially when living in misery, unhappiness, boredom, anxiety, depression is because we keep doing the same things, we learn no new things, and we don’t change any of the beliefs we have inherited or even experienced up to this point. We keep a closed mind.

If you ask me, I think keeping a closed mind is a terrible and very sad thing to do. This I believe because this is who I was a few years ago. I was simply another “normal person” and normal back then was I behaved, had similar thoughts, and perception as everyone else.

I sat and watched TV for hours after work, which rarely fed anything productive to my mind and awareness. I kept complaining about how things were and why others were to blame for it.

But you don’t really have control over what other people think or do, this is my view on it, followed by the view of a well-known scientist (VIDEO):

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