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Plants Can Think And Do Things You Never Knew (video)

plants can think and display behavior

plants can think and display behavior

I was listening to this video on my way to work and couldn’t help but think that actually all life has some sort of consciousness, we have simply been too sleep and busy to even begin to notice. As we wake up we begin to notice new things that were always there but were too blind to see, this is just one simple example of those things.

I remember reading the articles and videos of Dr. Emoto on how he found out through his experiments and research, that water had memory or “consciousness” as it was affected by negative or positive words, human emotions and feelings. That into itself is life-changing because we humans are about 80% water (something like that) and this is exactly why the human emotion factor plays a crucial role in our bodies’ health, both mental and physical.

This “thinking plants” is just another example of how life really is all around us, how there are really many worlds within this world and how we are extremely lucky to be a part of it.

I’ve even heard of some people in the past who claimed they “talked” to their plants and that the plants responded in different ways such as growing better full with vibrancy and vitality, or becoming saggy and lethargic.

I like how the mention in the video that you tell people about this and they think you’re crazy, you tell a scientist ant they think you’re crazy AND wrong. It’s just sad how closed-minded some individuals are still. But I believe that is slowly changing…actually I think it’s picking up speed as I see more and more of these kinds of examples almost daily.

Take a look and tell me what you think after you watch the following video…

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