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The Beginning of a New Era

Beginning of a New Era

You probably remember all that talk about 2012 and Mayan calendars, and though it appears that “nothing happened,”  there is no doubt in my mind that something did happen, for I as many people all over the world, started noticing something different, something good. A massive awakening of the mind and heart, a desire to transform our current world…It all started with each and every single one of us.

I’m sure this video will have something that may resonate within you if you have already started experiencing this “awakening” yourself. 

Keep in mind, that the more people that start to awaken to these new energies around the world, the sooner we will be able to bring about great and lasting changes not only within ourselves but to all humanity.


Here are some words from the Director…

Beginning of a New Era started to take shape in my mind back in 2011, when I first heard there was a World Rainbow Gathering taking place in Palenque, Mexico. That’s when the calling came that I had to make a film about the gathering.

The ending of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar has always intrigued me and the event gave an added excitement and hype to the happening. People were asking, “Is the world really going to end?” Or would there be some kind of spiritual mass ascension?

So I mustered up a group of talented people and started the filming, first in Slovakia European Rainbow Gathering in 2012, then moving to France to Interview Gerald Benedict, author who’s book I found the most resonating about the Mayan Prophecies. In the end of 2012 we were in Mexico filming. The energy was intense and I felt a little confused, but after channeling my thoughts and energies I found the correct focus and guidance to proceed to right places.

I ended up spending 5 months in Mexico & Guatemala, interviewing amazing people and visiting stunning places with my camera. After the Journey we still felt a calling to go Interview Diana Cooper in London, who is such a super lady with angel like qualities.

Now, one and a half year later, when I look at the subject, I see it in a different angle. The world didn’t end as we all started to realize coming closer to the day, but still thousands of people who gathered on the Mayan pyramids on the ending days of the calendar, had their hearts open crying to the ending of the dark ages, and opened themselves to the Beginning of a New Era, a time of light and love.

Eventually, the choice is all ours if and how we want to make the shift in our personal lives, and what kind of world do we want to support, in the bigger picture the light circles around the globe are growing in numbers every day, already so many of us already living in the New Era and gathering more people to the new reality.

Beginning of a New Era

The film Beginning of a New Era, is a very important film in these times to help bridge the people and the Mother Earth. Now you have a chance to become a part of the film, our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now live and running, and it is a crucial part for us to complete the film for everyone to enjoy.

This kind of way of making a movie with collective funding is totally new for me, but I see so much light and hope in it, as that way an artist can more and more follow the calling of their heart, and thus providing so much more pure and truthful art.

Let’s make this shift together; let’s make this world a better place for everyone.

Wishing you so many blessings, light and love

Olli Ylinen, Director of the film Beginning of a New Era

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