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A Mental Balance Lesson From Grammar


There are two kinds of writing: The professional academia-based type of writing where you are taught to write everything perfectly, perfect grammar and sentence structure.

And there is the style where you simply transfer your genuine thoughts into writing, these words carry the frequency of your thoughts and they also carry with them a signature and energy that has no words to describe it, it is only felt and understood by the ones that are able to pick up on these subtle energies.

Grammar has less importance here and not everything is perfect because the real you is not perfect, and it’s ok because that is really what we are, it is what makes us humans.

The irony is that WE ARE perfect in the way that we are not perfect, where we are capable of experiencing life from multiple angles from bad to good, failure and success, adding to our growth and wisdom.

From my own observations, I’ve noticed how the world is programmed mainly with a left-brain mentality from the moment they enter school. I know you’ve probably seen the highly logical people with a mind that quickly catches misspellings and grammar issues, this is one of the obvious examples I have noticed with my own writing work. The truth is that I am no writer and English IS my second language after all, but the main point I want to make is that this is an example of how “programming” exists in almost every aspect of our lives. The hard to swallow truth is that many are so deep into this trance-like state, they can’t even notice it. Kinda makes me think “No wonder why they call television TV Programming.” The right brain it seems has been either highly ignored or suppressed intentionally.

The reason there is so much negativity in the world still is because of this unbalanced brain state of individual and collective consciousness. I strongly believe that we must find a balance between so-called left and right brain mentality.


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