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The 7 Keys to Keep You Motivated


Motivation and staying motivated is the key to accomplishing one’s goals.

Everyone fails and feels disappointed at times and giving up is not the solution.

Knowing how to keep motivated differentiates those who achieve their goals from those who give up easily.

Here are seven reasons to keep you motivated:

1. Remember Your Goals

Setting goals is one thing, but checking how far you’ve gone towards achieving those goals will keep your spirits high.

Check how close you get in the process on achieving your set goals.

This will keep you motivated throughout the whole process.

Break the goal into smaller pieces and set a deadline for each manageable piece of the task.

2. Make it Fun

Whatever you do, ensure your goals are fun whenever possible.

Your attitude towards a certain activity directly influences your level of motivation.

There will be times when you have to do things you don’t really enjoy doing.

Ask yourself questions like; How can I make this task fun-filled?

How can this task get me closer to my greater goal?

Visualizing your goal or intended outcome as if you have already achieved it will keep your motivation high when some of the things you do are not that fun or enjoyable.

Getting the answers to these questions will depend on how committed you are to achieving the task at hand.

3. Reward Yourself

This should always pleasant.

It is also one of the best and easiest ways to stay focused and motivated.

Treat yourself to anything that brings you joy.

It could be as simple as some ice cream or a visit to a spa for your hard work.

Your progress may be too little for some people but you treat yourself to anything you think is fun and enjoyable to celebrate small and big successes.

The more rewards you get for honest progress, the higher the chances of accomplishing your goals.

What you are doing here is programming your mind to feel good whenever you make good progress.

This will help you stay focused and motivated along the way.

Here are the rest of the seven reasons to keep you motivated:

4. Take a Break

Everyone gets overwhelmed, no matter how determined they are.

It is really important to not let yourself get burned out.

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking that you are always short of time and end up not resting enough and even depriving yourself of much needed sleep.

Lack of sleep will bite you in the butt and WILL catch up to you to the point of not being able to focus on your tasks.

If you are always fatigued, you will end up loosing motivation and perhaps a lot more progress than you may have gained by staying up too late or not taking good breaks and rest.

A break might be the only thing lacking in your bid to accomplish something.

If its school work, try stretching it over the course of a week in smaller but consistent chunks of work.

5.Watch or Read Motivational Stories

These serve as pep talks. Listen to them whenever you feel low, uncertain, and unmotivated.

Anything that you watch or listen to will have an effect on your mind and overall way of perceiving your reality and thinking.

Too many “entertaining” shows will not only dumb-you down in the long run; especially if they contain too many negatively-inclined emotions such as horror, anxiety, and fear.

Have you ever watched a horror movie and end up feeling anxious, easily rattled by the smallest unexpected sound, or fearful of the light being off in the other room?

This is exactly what I mean, you don’t need all these extra anxieties and fears as if it is not already enough with some of the every day challenges we live.

Go to YouTube and watch some motivational videos, or get a few motivational books… learn something productive!

Not only will you feel better about yourself, but will learn a lot more productive things that will help you along the way.

Your motivational levels will soar and you will start gaining all kinds of ideas!

Personal development material works if you but use it to replace much of the useless stuff you may be filling your mind with.

It will give you a boost of motivation to keep you going at any time, but will also program you with a better mindset for life in the long run.

6. Move Your Body

Remember this, think of your body as water. If you have stagnant water that is always still; outside in a puddle or a pool, it starts to grow algae and later develop a foul smell from lack of oxygen.

It becomes unhealthy.

When you have motion in water, it keeps it healthier. Movement keeps the water oxygenated in a fish tank and keeps the fish alive.

You must think of this when you think about your body as well.

Low self-esteem and depression are hurdles to motivation and can halt the movement in your body as you become sluggish, slow, and unmotivated in this depressive state.

Even simple exercises can help but you can take a walk or run up the stairs.

The change in moods will make you feel dynamic and active, the energized body will help you keep a more positive and motivated attitude.

7. Appreciate Your Sense of Fulfillment

Doing the things you love to do and acknowledging the fulfillment from such things will keep you motivated more than all the other variables.

Giving up will not solve any shortcomings.

Try different approaches on different tasks and you will never loose that motivation.

Every major change in your life starts with you, action must be taken, but before action thoughts exist.

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