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6 Steps To Let Go Of Past Attachments And Fears

let go of past fears and attachments

Sometimes we get so attached to our past and our past mistakes. But it’s important to let go of the past and get on with the future. If we don’t, we will be constantly replaying unsuccessful scenarios in our heads and can’t move forward.

There are several reasons why people hold on to the past:

Fear of change: if we let go of what has been holding us back, then there is a chance that we will lose everything.

Fear of uncertainty: if we let go of what has been holding us back, then there is a chance that everything will change and that might be too scary for some people. They might prefer their current life even though they know it’s not perfect because they feel like they know what’s coming next at least.

Everyone is afraid of something. Some are afraid of heights, darkness, change, losing and the list goes on.

It is human and normal to be afraid.

How well you can manage your fear matters most.

Fear is known to be a good motivator.

For example, if you are making a presentation for the first time coming up, the fear of failing can motivate you to prepare and learn more on picking up a few tips or learning more from the software you plan to use.

No matter what scares you learn to acknowledge it and do not let your fear hold you back.

Let’s look at some steps you can take to first overcome fear, and secondly letting go of past attachments:

Basic Steps on How to Overcome Fear

1. Accepting your fear.

Find out what you are afraid of. This is a huge step to conquering fear since you are being absolute. Embrace your fears and learn how to manage yourself when you are faced in a situation where courage is needed.

2. Take control of your fear.

If you are afraid of change you can start by changing something in your daily routine. Consider going for yoga, exercising just try something new. You will begin to see you are capable of handling change.

3. Change the way you think about fear.

Start seeing fear as an opportunity for you to become someone great. Put on a brave and courageous face and begin seeing things in an optimistic way

Our past can be a great hindrance to our success. Most people have the tendency to hold on to bad experiences, constant resentment of anger and other bad encounters in the letting go we have an opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes.

Basic Steps On How We Can Begin To Let Go Of Past Experiences

4. Forgive yourself.

We are not perfect beings. Hence, we all have a tenancy of coming up short at times.

As a human being, we have my shortcomings just like everyone else. We all have a tenancy of coming up short at times. What matters most is how we handle these moments and what we do to make them better in the future.

5. Realize you did your best at the time.

By doing this it will help clear our conscience. Accepting that it was all not in vain will help you a great deal. Since, through the whole experience you learned from your mistakes.

You’re a human being with a past. It’s part of who you are, and it’s not something you need to be ashamed about.” This quote from Terry Gross summarizes the feeling of relief that comes from accepting mistakes and learning from them.

6. Turn the page

Be grateful for all those experiences for they helped shape you into a better person. This will allow you to move on forget the past.

In order to move on from a past experience, it is important to be grateful for it. It’s what you learned from the experience that made you who you are today. It’s also important to remember that this event won’t stay with you forever. It will only be a small part of your life and there are many more things ahead of you that will happen.

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