Teaching Kids To Give More Value To Quality Time Than Screen Time


First, there’s the concern that cartoons are more violent, adult, and aggressive than ever before. Of course, when I honestly consider it, I can’t deny that Tom and Jerry was wrought with violence. And the central theme of Looney Tunes was basically various characters trying to off each other with shotguns, dynamite, boulders, clubs or whatever other blunt object was handy.

The second is a bit more esoteric. It’s a question of the family culture that my husband and I want to curate. Connection, conversation, and collaboration are central themes we aim to build into our family.

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Throughout the week, my husband and I collect interesting kid-friendly videos we come across online. Whenever we see one, we direct message it to the other via Facebook, which creates a little bank of videos. Then, once a week after dinner we sit down together as a family and watch them on the computer. Afterwards, we talk about which ones we love and what we found most interesting about each video.


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Source: How I’m Raising My Kid With Minimal Screen Time In This Tech-Crazy World

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