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Some People Were Not Meant To Be In Our Life Forever

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Nothing lasts forever. People especially may only stay in your life over a short period of time and the sad part is, you won’t know how long they are going to stay.

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, but whether you like it or not, sometimes we need to accept it wholeheartedly as it is part of life.

It might be heartbreaking when you let a person walk away from you no matter how hard you try to make the person stay or make things work.

But more often than not, people spend all their energies trying to figure out what really went wrong, unperturbed to the fact that too much time was already wasted.

These struggles do not only apply in relationships as they can also happen in many other situations.

For instance, some people may be working really hard to get a promotion.

You do the right thing, exceed expectations and maintain a good relationship with fellow employees and your superiors.

You are one of the strongest candidates for the promotion, but you found out that someone else has already been identified for that specific promotion.

You immediately feel discouraged. You begin to question yourself, perhaps even doubt your abilities and begin to lose hope and confidence.

Before you consider that life is unfair, you should remember there are things that are not really meant to be, but you should not close your doors.

There will always be better opportunities in store for you. I for one, strongly believe that things happen for a reason, and sometimes it is beyond our comprehension as to what reason exactly.

Sometimes, you need to focus on what you have, the good people around you instead of the things you don’t have. As they say, you may not get what you always want, but you have what you need. It starts with simply being grateful for what is in this now moment.

Some people are not meant to stay in our lives because of very good reasons we may not see immediately. You just need to trust and accept the fact that everything in this world is temporary, even the pain of having to let go of certain people.

The plants wilt, the rivers run dry, the sun sets and the rain stops. Then the plants grow and flourish, rivers fill, and the sun rises.

The end of a relationship is not the end, it can become a new beginning especially when you do not stop opening your doors for better opportunities that will come into your life.

Every day is a new chapter that allows you to start fresh. Some things stay longer while others leave sooner. One thing is for sure though: you don’t stop existing. Life must go on.

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