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People Who Hide Behind A Big Ego

egotistic person

egotistic person Who is an egotistic person?

An egotist is a person who has a grandiose sense of feeling about himself and thinks other people are not as smart, intelligent and good looking as he is. An egotist only thinks about himself and lacks concern for other people including those considered to be close.

Egotistical people have a highly toxic behavior of hurting the feelings of others.

Often, the arrogance or cockiness they express belies a deep-seated insecurity. And while this insecurity cuts them off from others, the egotist is extremely manipulative and seductive.

They use their excellent seductive prowess to get validation from other people. He may lavish you with praise but only in so far as you will pour plaudits in return.

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A typical one comes off as a controlling freak who is too demanding. He’ll want you to abandon what you were doing when he barged in so that you may first attend to his needs and wants. His agenda seems to be more important and more urgent.

Woe to you if you do not heed to his bidding! His vindictive proclivity will see that you are listed in their black books and they will carry the grudge around just in case you ever cross their line- and then they unleash all the pent up anger.

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